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3 Jan

A Historical Hotel, in the very heart of Turin

Hotel Dogana Vecchia

In the December 2015 issue, the monthly magazine “Touring Club” announced the entry of the Dogana Vecchia Hotel in the national network “Dimore d’Epoca, Historical Fashion Hotels”, an event that has aroused justified pride in those who dedicated and still dedicate their life to offer the best they can of the Hotel.

Since the Hotel is the oldest in the city, it was possible to reach this important goal thanks to a long work of proper maintenance and an accurate preservative restoration of the building. Furthermore, being part of “Dimore d’Epoca” guarantees a continuous dedication to always offer the best to our guests, accommodating any kind of need.

Some of the offered rooms have an authentic high-quality coffered ceiling; others have vaulted ceilings, as well as the hall of the hotel and in the Amadeus Room. These architectural structures belong to the early eighteenth century, when it was built the body of the structure.